Unprecedented: Father Jailed For Son Refusing To Divorce Wife

For the first time in history, an Israeli rabbinical court has sentenced a man to prison because his son will not grant his wife a divorce. Read more

Chief Rabbi David Lau: Divorce Should Be Granted Before Division of Assets

Chief Rabbi David Lau has reiterated a much-praised stance he took in a recent divorce case which came before the Supreme Rabbinical Court, asserting that it is legitimate for rabbinical judges to require a divorce be given before an agreement on the division of a couple’s assets is reached. Read more

Police Arrest Far-Left Activist At Airport As He Tries To Flee Israel

Far-left activist Ezra Nawi was arrested by police at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday as he was attempting to leave the country, just days after he was featured in an investigative TV show boasting on a hidden camera about how he helps Palestinian security forces find Palestinians who sell land to Jews. Read more

Is Agunah Tamar Epstein’s Remarriage Legal Without Orthodox Divorce?

Tamar Epstein, the prominent “chained woman” whose right to remarry under traditional Jewish law was long stymied, may have finally found two Orthodox rabbis willing to help her wed again. But her fate in the broader Jewish community — and the fate of any children she may have — is anything but ensured. Read more

Maryland Woman At Center of Jewish Divorce Saga Remarries Without Get’

A former Maryland woman who was a central figure in the ongoing efforts to reform how the Orthodox Jewish community deals with recalcitrant husbands on Jewish divorces has remarried. Read more

Rabbinate: Mothers Will Pay Child Support, Too

The Council of the Chief Rabbinate in Israel reached a revolutionary decision Monday, according to which divorced mothers, too, must participate in child support costs and not just fathers. Read more

Judge Orders Cremation of Transgender Woman Who Committed Suicide

The Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday rejected a petition by the family of May Peleg, a transgender woman who committed suicide last weekend, that she be buried rather than cremated.

The court ordered that Peleg’s body be cremated, as she requested in her will. Read more

Haredi Family of Transgender Woman Tries To Stop Her Cremation After Suicide

The ultra-Orthodox family of a transgender woman who committed suicide over the weekend is trying to stop the cremation of her body, despite the woman’s wish to be cremated, as expressed in her will. Jerusalem District Court will hand down its ruling in the matter Wednesday. Read more

Rabbinical Court Awards Custody To Suspected Abuser Because Mother Lives With A Non-Jew

A rabbinical court in Jerusalem has awarded permanent custody to a father whose two children had been removed from his home by the welfare services because the mother of the children, who lives in the United States, “lives with a non-Jew and isn’t interested in the Jewish religion.” Read more

‘Shun’ Husband Refusing To Grant His Wife A Get, Beth Din Tells Shuls

The London Beth Din has taken the unprecedented step of calling for a man to be banned from synagogues and publicly shunned because he has refused to grant his wife a religious divorce. Read more