NYC Dragging Probe Into Secular Education At Hasidic Schools

City officials are dragging their heels on a politically-sensitive probe of whether Hasidic schools provide their students with a secular education, advocates charge. Read more

Haredi Anti-Ddraft Activists: The Torah Tells Us To Protest

Members of the extremist Jerusalem Faction called for a demonstration on Jabotinsky St. in Bnei Brak at 8:00 Sunday night, in protest of the arrest of two yeshiva students for draft dodging, the Kikar Hashabat Hebrew news site reported. Read more

NJ Town Votes To Ban Dorms, Denies Targeting Lakewood Jewish Community

Jackson, NJ – A New Jersey town has banned the construction of dormitories after months of heated debate that some opponents say was rooted in fears of a growing Jewish community. Read more

RCNSW Could Vote On Rabbi Pinchus Feldman Membership

ALL members of the Rabbinic Council of NSW (RCNSW) could have an opportunity to vote on the status of Rabbi Pinchus Feldman as an RCNSW member. Read more

NYC Evaluating Hasidic Community’s Cooperation In Herpes Cases

The city is zero for six in garnering full cooperation from the Hasidic community in rooting out mohels involved in neonatal herpes cases, but Mayor de Blasio says he still needs to evaluate whether a deal with the community is “working effectively or not.” Read more

This Hasidic Couple’s Kinky Open Marriage Could Get Them ‘Shunned Forever’

James tucked his side curls behind his ears and tore off his yarmulke as he left the hotel. Read more

Transgender Rabbi: My Trans Agenda

He married at 18, had a son at 19, and became a rabbi soon after. Read more

Husband To Rabbinical Court: My Wife Prefers Our Dogs

A Man in northern Israel has filed for divorce from his wife citing her love of their dogs and puppies and her alleged preference for them over him, to the point where the dogs share the couple’s bed and thus interfere with their sex life. Read more

NYPD Call To Break Up Fight In Mikveh

Brooklyn – Officers from the NYPD’s 66th precinct responded to a call last night at a Jewish ritual bath, where witnesses say two women came to blows over whose turn it was to immerse. Read more

Chabad Rabbi Banned From Lithuania’s Main Synagogue

In an escalation of the internal feud dividing Lithuanian Jews, the Chabad movement’s senior emissary to the country was banned from the capital city’s main synagogue. Read more