Israeli Hiker Found Dead In River In Georgia

The body of an Israeli hiker missing in Georgia for several days was found early Friday morning after a lengthy search. Read more

Greenfield To Lead New York’s Top Jewish Charity In 2018

City Councilman David Greenfield, chairman of the powerful Land Use Committee, isn’t running for re-election to take the helm of a non-profit that was racked by scandal three years ago. Read more

Who Can Perform Marriages In Kfar Chabad?

Kfar Chabad residents complained recently that their rabbi does not allow qualified residents to perform marriages which take place in their town. Read more

Frum Mom of 6 Thrown In Jail

An Orthodox Jewish mother of six who was barred from speaking with her own children because she insisted on raising them in a religious home has been thrown in jail because she lacked the financial means to reimburse her wealthy ex-husband $10,000 in court costs as order by an Ohio judge. Read more

Will The ‘Jewish Taliban’ Survive The Death of Their Spiritual Leader?

The saga of a cult of ultra-Orthodox fundamentalist Jews whose controversial practices have led them to wander the world  from Israel to the U.S., Canada, Guatemala and finally to Mexico could be heading into a dramatic final chapter. Read more

Jerusalem – Israeli Blacklist Of US Rabbis Points To Widening Rift

Jerusalem – Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has compiled a blacklist of overseas rabbis whose authority they refuse to recognize when it comes to certifying the Jewishness of someone who wants to get married in Israel. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Cult Leader Drowns In Mexico

Rabbi Shlomo Erez Helbrans, 55, leader of the “Lev Tahor” (“Pure Heart”) ultra-Orthodox sect, was found drowned in a river in the Mexican state of Chiapas on Friday, according to local media. Read more

3-Month-Old Baby Struck By Vehicle In Monsey County Dies

MONSEY, N.Y. — A three-month-old boy who was struck by a car along with his mother and two siblings near a busy shopping center in Rockland County last week has died, police said Wednesday. Read more

Satmar Rebbe To French Jews: Don’t Move To Israel!

On Tuesday night, thousands of French Jews participated in a special event led by the rebbes of Satmar and Pshevorsk, and intended to strengthen Jewish education among French Jews. Read more

Fire Devastates Belz Boys’ School In London

As many as 100 firefighters from some 15 London Fire Brigade engines were deployed shortly before midnight Wednesday to put out a blaze that ripped through Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School for boys of the Belz Hasidic movement in Hackney, east London, local media reported. Read more