Report: Borsalino Going Bankrupt

Italian hat maker Borsalino is looking at ways to stay afloat having run into financial problems. Read more

Jewish Soldier’s Body Removed From Ukraine Battlefield Under Fire

The body of a Jewish soldier who was killed about five weeks ago in the ongoing fighting against the Russian army in the eastern Ukraine was removed from the battlefield under fire nearly a month later by volunteers of the ZAKA emergency organization. Read more

Grand Rabbi Mayer Alter Horowitz: Gays Deserve No Rights, Just Like Murderers

A prominent American Hasidic rabbi says the LGBT community is not entitled to equal rights, just like it would be unthinkable for murderers to unite and demand rights regarding their violent tendencies. Read more

‘Last Jew In Pakistan’ Beaten By Muslim Mob, Then Arrested

A Jewish activist in Pakistan was savagely beaten by a Muslim mob Wednesday – and then arrested and roughed up again by police. Read more

New Prenup Drafted By Orthodox Rabbis Takes Aim At Divorce Refusers

A group of Modern Orthodox rabbis in Israel has drafted a first-of-its-kind prenuptial agreement that it recommends to all couples in the country before marrying. Read more

Satmar Protest In NYC Over Netanyahu’s Speech

Some 3,000 followers of the Satmar Rebbe in Williamsburg took it to the streets of Manhattan Tuesday evening to protest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his speech to Congress and his claim that he’s an emissary on behalf of world Jewry to warn of a nuclear Iran. Read more

Rabbinical Courts: ‘Gett’ Movie Demonizes Us

The Batei Din Rabbaniyim, or Rabbinical Courts, held their annual educational training conference for dayanim – or rabbinical judges – last week. What made this year’s conference unique was the fact that for the first time, serious thought was given to improving the courts’ image, in the face of their extremely negative portrayals in film and on television. Read more

Family Feud Over Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Estate Goes To Court

The 2015 election campaign has seen a fierce fight between ultra-Orthodox rivals Arye Dery and Eli Yishai over the political inheritance of the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. But the dispute over the spiritual leader’s material and intellectual property has now reached the courts.

Yosef’s 10 surviving adult children are scheduled to report on Tuesday to the Jerusalem Family Court, to begin a mediation process that will expose the strife within the storied rabbinic family. Read more

ADL Denounces Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s Susan Rice Attack Ad In NY Times

New York – The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) strongly criticized an ad in Saturday’s (Feb 28) New York Times calling National Security Advisor Susan Rice “blind” to genocide.

The full page ad, placed by This World: The Values Network run by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, runs through a litany of personal attacks on Ambassador Rice’s character and asserts that her criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu merits special condemnation because of “her pattern of callous disregard for genocide.”

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

Whatever concerns one may have about disagreements between the United States and Israel or about the Iran negotiations, there is no justification for this incendiary personal attack.

The spurious and perverse association of criticism of Israel’s prime minister with ignoring genocide not only poisons the discourse on a vital global security issue, it trivializes the horrific nature of genocide and the memory of its victims.

Neither the security of Israel, nor the debate on Iran, are served by this ad on the eve of Ambassador Rice’s address to AIPAC. It is not only an ugly distraction from the real issue, it is reckless.