Israeli Paid Colombians To Film Violent Child Pornography

An Israeli man was charged on Sunday with commissioning the production of violent child pornography and possessing huge quantities of exceedingly graphic videos and pictures. Read more

Avrohom Margolis, Fled To Israel After Sexually Assaulting Child

A Brooklyn man charged with repeatedly having sex with a child relative fled to Israel after plea talks fell apart following more than two years of negotiations, authorities said in court. Read more

Day School Teacher Suspected of Sexual Abuse In Pittsburgh Yeshiva

The Pittsburgh police bureau’s sex assault unit is investigating claims of sexual assault involving a teacher at the Yeshiva Schools in Squirrel Hill. Read more

Israel Police Aarrest Orthodox Jewish Parents For SEX Child Abuse

Police arrested a couple in their 30s on Saturday on suspicion of severe sexual assault and abuse of their four-year-old son while he was hospitalized in Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. Read more

Israel Police Seek Public’s Aid In Case Against Child Molester

The police in Bnei Brak asked the public for help in determining other cases a suspect in the violent assault on a six year old child may have been involved in. Read more

Chabad Combating Child Sexual Abuse In Israel

Chabad in Israel is taking new initiatives to combat the sexual abuse against children that has existed for years in the Chabad educational system. Read more

Teacher Watchdog Leaked Secret Yeshivah Sex Abuse Complaint

A RABBI blamed for not stopping the sexual abuse of at least 10 students who were molested under his watch has stood down from his roles with the Yeshivah Centre. Read more

IDF General Demoted For Sexual Assault With Lower Ranked Soldier

The IDF Military Court on Thursday demoted the former senior IDF officer Ofek Buchris to the rank of colonel. Read more

Moshe Friedman Gets Just Three Years Probation For Sexual Assault

A former Brooklyn math tutor busted for sexually assaulting a 6-year-old student received a sweetheart sentencing Wednesday of just three years’ probation. Read more

Youth Indicted For Series of Sexual Assaults In Bnei Brak

Charges were filed Sunday morning in a Tel Aviv district youth court against a resident of Jerusalem for a series of alleged sexual assaults against two under-age girls in the city of Bnei Brak. Read more