Beny Steinmetz Aide Cancels Guinea Testimony At Last Minute

A key associate of mining magnate Beny Steinmetz has declined to testify at an arbitration hearing in Paris at the last minute, on the advice of his lawyers. Read more

Beny Steinmetz Calls George Soros ‘Nuts’

Israeli businessman Beny​ Steinmetz has labelled George Soros “nuts” and accused him of trying to upset his hopes of developing the Simandou iron ore mine in Guinea, according to a report in London’s The Telegraph newspaper. Read more

Facebook Only Removes Holocaust Denial If Facing Legal Action

Facebook instructs moderators to ignore Holocaust denial posted to its website unless it came from one of four countries out of more than a dozen countries where it is illegal and only then if it is reported, the UK Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday. Read more

Uber Israel Indicted For Operating Without A License

The Transportation Ministry handed down an indictment Tuesday at the Tel Aviv Traffic Court against Uber Israel for operating without a license. Read more

One of Satmar’s Most Famous Hubs

At first glance it seems like one nondescript building among scores in Williamsburg, a three-story brown-brick property housing a small retail store and a couple of apartments above. Read more

Is Jared Kushner A Person of Interest

Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump and one of the closest advisers to his father-in-law US President Donald Trump, is reportedly a “person of interest” in the probe into possible ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, according to US media reports Saturday. Read more

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Fly on Shabbat

President Trump will leave Washington on Friday kicking off his nine-day trip with a flight to Saudi Arabia. Read more


It’s hard to stay quiet on this subject of FAKE NEWS or GLOBAL CYBER ATTACKS because this is exactly what our inside sources at TOTPI started reporting to the FBI in November of 2013. Read more

Blood on Kushner’s Hands From Deals With Africa War Zone Diamond Mines

The Trump family’s business partners have blood on their hands owing to deals with notorious diamond brokers who operate mines in wartorn Africa and own jewelry stores in London, Moscow and Amsterdam. Read more

Inside The Plot To Kill A Religious Woman’s Husband So She Could Get A Divorce

Joe Levin told the rabbi that the man he’d kidnapped was “half dead already.” Read more