Robert Levinson Family Sues Iran

The family of a Jewish-American man who disappeared from Iran in 2007 while working on behalf of the CIA is suing the Iranian government in the United States. Read more

9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia In Terror Attacks

Hundreds of families of Sept. 11 victims are suing the government of Saudi Arabia, alleging the kingdom knowingly provided material support and resources to al-Qaeda and facilitated the terror attacks that killed thousands in New York, the Washington, D.C. area and Pennsylvania. Read more

Woman At FBI’s Philadelphia Office Claims Sexual Discrimination

A woman who previously headed the FBI Philadelphia office’s computer unit claimed Thursday that she was demoted and replaced with a male employee. Read more

Sex Toy Company Pays $4M To U.S. Woman

Sex toy maker We-Vibe has agreed to pay customers up to C$10,000 (£6,120) each after shipping a “smart vibrator” which tracked owners’ use without their knowledge. Read more

Ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Targeted Samuel Kellner, Instead of Perv Rabbi Baruch Lebovits

Former Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes is being sued by a hasidic father who claims Hynes prosecuted him as part of a conspiracy to protect a child molester in the Hasidic community. Read more

Tesla Is Being Sued By A Woman Engineer For Sexual Harassment

A female Tesla engineer who filed a sexual-discrimination lawsuit against the company in the fall is speaking out, further shining a spotlight on gender issues in Silicon Valley. Read more

Lev Leviev Wins $209M After Years of Feuding With Partners

“King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev just won a $209 million judgement against his former business partners in a case that was so bitterly contested it resulted in death threats and an alleged smear campaign to the arbitrator initially assigned to decide the case. Read more

Ex-CEO Spent Company Funds on Escort

A Manhattan tech CEO blew through nearly half a million dollars in company money to fund a lavish lifestyle that include high-priced hookers for himself and epic shopping sprees for his socialite wife, a new lawsuit charges. Read more

Tennessee Prison Inmate Sues For Better Kosher Food

A prison inmate in Tennessee filed an over 200-page lawsuit alleging that the prison system is trying to force him to break the Jewish laws of kashrut by providing him with substandard kosher meals. Read more

Madeleine McCann’s Parents Launch Legal Battle Over Police Claims They Faked Daughter’s Abduction

Kate and Gerry McCann will continue their legal battle against claims they faked their daughter’s abduction. Read more