Ex-CEO Spent Company Funds on Escort

A Manhattan tech CEO blew through nearly half a million dollars in company money to fund a lavish lifestyle that include high-priced hookers for himself and epic shopping sprees for his socialite wife, a new lawsuit charges. Read more

Tennessee Prison Inmate Sues For Better Kosher Food

A prison inmate in Tennessee filed an over 200-page lawsuit alleging that the prison system is trying to force him to break the Jewish laws of kashrut by providing him with substandard kosher meals. Read more

Madeleine McCann’s Parents Launch Legal Battle Over Police Claims They Faked Daughter’s Abduction

Kate and Gerry McCann will continue their legal battle against claims they faked their daughter’s abduction. Read more

Robert Durst’s Wife Files $10M Defamation Suit Against Anonymous Sites That Call Her ‘Ruthless’

A real estate company run by accused murderer Robert Durst’s second wife complains in a $10 million lawsuit that several anonymous websites linked to buildings the firm owns wrongly claim she’s “the most ruthless New York City real estate mogul of her generation.” Read more

Billionaire Boss Fired Me For Taking One Sick Day

A billionaire investor’s bodyguard was fired after he had a medical emergency and couldn’t drive his boss to a party, according to a lawsuit. Read more

Candy Brothers Accused of Blackmail and Extortion

Property tycoons the Candy brothers have been accused of blackmail, extortion and intimidation by a former business partner as part of a £132million lawsuit. Read more

Melania Trump Re-files Daily Mail Lawsuit In NY

ROCKVILLE, Md. – First lady Melania Trump has re-filed a libel lawsuit against the corporation that publishes the Daily Mail’s website, this time in New York. Read more

Tel Aviv ‘Restaurant Served Pork In Place of Beef’

An upscale restaurant in central Tel Aviv has been accused of deceiving customers in a lawsuit charging the establishment of listing dishes as containing beef in the menu, but presenting unsuspecting diners with pork instead. Read more

Ex-NYC AIG Worker Says Colleagues Groped and Licked Her

A worker at AIG insurance company says she was subjected to male colleagues crawling under women’s desks to look up their skirts, licking them, and a ‘never-ending stream of harassment.’ Read more

Deutsche Bank Sued In U.S. By Jewish Trust Over $3 Billion

Deutsche Bank was sued in Florida by a Jewish charitable trust that claims the firm wrongly withheld as much as $3 billion from the heirs to a wealthy German family. Read more