Swiss Media Reveals More About Putin’s Girlfriend, Baby

Swiss media confirmed Saturday that Vladimir Putin is the father of a bouncing baby girl, giving the lie to the Kremlin’s determined efforts to deny the story. Read more

NYT: Afghanistan Gave CIA Money To Al-Qaida For Diplomat’s Ransom

About $1 million provided by the CIA to a secret Afghan government fund ended up in the hands of Al-Qaida in 2010 when it was used to pay a ransom for an Afghan diplomat, the New York Times reported on Saturday. Read more

‘Tipsy’ Secret Service Duo Drove Into Ongoing Bomb Threat

The two high-ranking Secret Service members who drunkenly crashed a government car into a barricade outside the White House interrupted a bomb investigation and might have even cruised over the suspicious package being probed, according to a report Thursday. Read more

2 Secret Service Agents Investigated For DUI Crash Near White House

WASHINGTON — Another possible case of misconduct involving the Secret Service is under investigation, CBS News has learned. Read more

‘Meir Dagan Is Playing Politics With National Security’

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan may have called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s warnings about Iran “bullsh**” in a Friday night Channel 2 interview – and blasted him in front of thousands at a leftist rally in Tel Aviv – but he did not always believe that, the National Review Online revealed Monday. Read more

Secret Service Testing Drones Near White House

WASHINGTON — The Secret Service is conducting middle-of-the-night drone flights near the White House in secret tests to devise a defense against the unmanned aircraft, the Associated Press has learned. Read more

CIA ‘Tried To Crack Security of Apple Devices’

The CIA led sophisticated intelligence agency efforts to undermine the encryption used in Apple phones, as well as insert secret surveillance back doors into apps, top-secret documents published by the Intercept online news site have revealed. Read more

Drone Spotted Over Jewish School In Toulouse

An unauthorized drone was spotted flying over the Jewish school in Toulouse that was attacked in 2012. Read more

Eighth Anniversary of Disappearance of Robert Levinson

The FBI has increased the reward to $5 million for the “safe return” of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran while on a CIA mission eight years ago today. Tuesday will be his 67th birthday. Read more

Senators Tell Iran: A Deal You Sign with Obama Ends In 2016

A group of 47 Republican senators has written an open letter to Iran’s leaders warning them that any nuclear deal they sign with President Barack Obama will not be valid after Obama leaves office in 2016, reports Josh Rogin on Bloomberg. Read more