Palm Beach, FL – No-fly Zone: Trump Not Allowed To Use Personal Helicopter

Palm Beach, Fl – President Donald Trump can only look at the personal helicopter parked on the front lawn of his Mar-a-Lago resort. Read more

Texas – Computer Hack Sets Off 156 Emergency Sirens Across Dallas

Texas – A computer hack set off all the emergency sirens in Dallas for about 90 minutes overnight in one of the largest known breaches of a siren warning system, officials in the Texas city said on Saturday. Read more

Kim Dotcom Could Be Building Bitcoin’s Killer App

Kim Dotcom appears ready to fire up his online file-sharing empire again, with the internet entrepreneur, wanted in the US on racketeering and copyright charges, posting a sneak peak of Megaupload 2 and a new bitcoin payment system, Bitcache. Read more

Dubai Police Say They Arrest Hackers After White House Staff

Dubai, UAE – Dubai police have arrested foreign hackers who targeted five senior White House officials in a blackmail email scam, state-owned media reported on Monday. Read more

German Parliament Foiled Cyber Attack By Hackers Via Israeli Website

BERLIN – The German parliament was the target of fresh cyber attacks in January that attempted to piggy-back on an Israeli newspaper site to target politicians in Germany, Berlin’s cyber security watchdog said on Wednesday. Read more

Czech President’s Computer Hacked With Child Porn

Czech President Milos Zeman has alleged that hackers based in the US state of Alabama put child pornography on one of his computers a year ago, his official website said Monday. Read more

FCC Warns Consumers About New ‘Yes’ Phone Scam

If you still have a landline phone, make sure you aren’t snared in the latest robocall scam. Read more

WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tactics For Apple Products

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has technology capable of infecting “factory fresh” iPhones and has been bugging the devices since at least 2008, WikiLeaks claimed Thursday. Read more

Topeka Data Firm Investigating Data Breach

Hackers obtained personal data, including Social Security numbers and birth dates, from a Topeka company that manages information services for workforce agencies in 10 states, officials said Wednesday. Read more