British Police Say 4 People Dead In London Attack Including 1 Police Officer, Attacker; 20 Injured

London – The head of counterterrorism at London’s Metropolitan Police, says four people have died in the terror incident in London, including an attacker and a police officer. Read more

Hero MP In Parliament Terror Attack: Tobias Ellwood Battled To Save Life of Stabbed Officer

A UK foreign minister ex-solider rushed to the aid of the police officer who was stabbed in the wild terrorist attack at the British Houses of Parliament, giving the cop mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before he died. Read more

London – One Shot, Several Injured In UK Parliament ‘Terrorist Incident’

London – A policeman was stabbed, an assailant shot and several people injured on Wednesday close to Britain’s Houses of Parliament in what police said they were treating as a terrorist incident. Read more

Israeli Army Chief: Hezbollah Leader Killed By His Own Men

Jerusalem – Israel has concluded that Hezbollah’s top military commander was killed in Syria last year by rivals within the Shiite militant group, Israel’s military chief said Tuesday. Read more

Jordan Court Rejects US Extradition Request For Sbarro Terrorist

Ahlam Tamimi—the convicted terrorist who helped carry out a suicide bombing at a Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001—will not be extradited to the United States, a Jordanian court ruled on Monday in response to the extradition order issued by the US Justice Department last week. Read more

Amman – Report: Jordan To Deny Us Request To Extradite Sbarro Bombing Attack Terrorist

Amman – A Jordanian newspaper reported on Thursday that Jordan will not agree to extradite terrorist Ahlam Tamimi to the US, where she would have been tried for killing Americans during the Second Intifada. Read more

Us Makes 1st Extradition Request For Hamas Terrorist Who Killed Americans

Late Tuesday, the US Department of Justice was in the process of announcing its first ever extradition request to try a Hamas terrorist who murdered Americans during the Second Intifada in its own courts. Read more

Somali Pirates Hijack First Oil Tanker For Years

Pirates have hijacked an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia, Somali officials and piracy experts said Tuesday, in the first hijacking of a large commercial vessel on the crucial global trade route since 2012. Read more

Jordan Releases Soldier Who Killed 7 Israeli Girls In 1997

Amman, Jordan – A military spokesman says Jordan released a soldier who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls during a class trip to his country in 1997. Read more