Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump Declare Truce

Both of them are Married to Jews, one is even a convert to Orthodox Judaism, which may explain why these two scions of the apparent R and D presidential candidates in 2016 have found it in their hearts to declare a truce.

“Chelsea [Clinton] called Ivanka [Trump] and broke the ice after Donald said Hillary was a liar and blamed her for the world being in flames,” a source close to the situation told the NY Daily News.

Chelsea apparently made the call to wish Trump’s daughter a Happy New Year and the two agreed to remain friends, no matter what their perspective Mommy and Daddy might say about one another.

According to an earlier News report, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump’s friendship had been strained and the two were barely speaking to each other over the war of words between their parents. The two young women used to be very close, exchanged baby gifts and texted each other frequently. Chelsea, 35, and Ivanka, 34, are both pregnant and due this presidential year.

Donald Trump has been nothing short of nasty about Hillary, going after her for that lengthy bathroom break during a Democratic candidates’ debate, and bringing up the ghost of Monica Lewinsky, too.

Hillary announced her New Year’s resolution was to ignore Donald Trump, formerly a donor to her political campaigns. “I’m going to let him live in his alternate reality,” Hillary told a rally in Iowa. “I’m not going to respond.”

Of course, she meant “Alternative Reality,” but who’s watching.

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