Conflicting Versions of Events Over Golfer Robert Allenby’s Kidnapping Emerge

A homeless woman has come forward to present a version of events that conflicts with golfer Robert Allenby’s extraordinary story of being kidnapped, bashed and robbed in Hawaii.

The pro Australian golfer said he was abducted from the popular Amuse Wine Bar in the tourist hub of Waikiki on Friday night, bashed by a group of men, thrown in the boot of a car and dumped on a street 10 kilometres away.

On Monday night, Sydney time, Honolulu police had obtained CCTV footage of two men using Allenby’s credit card to buy two bottles of alcohol at a store in Waikiki on Saturday, Australia’s Channel Nine reported.

Allenby said the only thing he remembered from the terrifying ordeal was coming out of the bathroom of the wine bar and being told by a group of men that his two friends had left.

He said he “walked around the corner, then ‘bang’.”

“The next minute I was thrown out of the boot of a car … on to the side street,” he told Australian TV on Monday morning.

After he was dumped, he said two homeless men bashed and robbed him before a homeless woman intervened.

He said he ran down the street with the woman and encountered a former military officer who obliged when Allenby asked him to take him back to his hotel.

However, Channel Nine spoke to the homeless woman on Monday evening who said Allenby was dumped just a block from his hotel.

The woman’s face was shown on camera but she was not named and did not speak on camera.

She told reporter Christine Ahern that she spotted Allenby, bloodied and confused and arguing with two men on the street.

He was offering to use his last remaining credit card to withdraw $500 in exchange for getting his wallet back.

The woman, who has spoken to investigators, said the men became aggressive and that’s when the passing former military officer intervened.

Further questions were raised when the FBI were forced to deny Allenby’s claim that they were investigating.

The incident did not cross any state borders so it was being investigated by local police as a second-degree robbery, an FBI spokesman said on Monday.

Allenby’s family admonished people questioning the chain of events, saying there were a “lot of haters and sceptics on social media”.

Allenby also told Channel Nine that he was abducted in a carpark, not a street corner, and had taken an elevator down to the carpark with the group of unknown men because they told Allenby his two friends from the bar were down there.

He said he believed it was a targeted attack by people “jealous” of his fame.

Allenby had been in Hawaii for the Sony Open golf tournament but missed the cut and was due to fly home on Saturday.

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