Counter-Terrorism Bureau Warns of Jihadi Threats To Jewish, Israeli Targets In Europe

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned on Sunday that global jihadi elements likely will seek to carry out additional attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets, particularly in western and northern Europe.

The warning appeared in an annual travel advisory guide issued by the Bureau, which is a part of the Prime Minister’s Office.

It noted the string of terror attacks in 2014 in Belgium, France, Denmark, Canada and Australia, saying they “raise concerns over additional attacks against Western targets, including Jewish and Israeli targets.”

Militant veterans of battlegrounds in Syria and Iraq who return to their countries, and local extremists inspired by terrorist organizations, are behind the threat of more attacks, the advisory, issued ahead of the Pessah holiday, said.

The Bureau issued a total of 27 travel alerts, in addition to six enemy states that Israelis are banned by law from visiting, and eight regions that are subject to a variety of advisories.

Spring holidays, including Pessah, Independence Day and Lag Ba’omer, could attract attacks by terror elements, the advisory said, adding that the travel alerts contained in the guide are based on “solid and reliable information, which reflect tangible threats and which are based on the intelligence picture for the given period.”

In Africa, the threat of attacks against Western targets, including Israeli business travelers and companies, has risen, the advisory stated.

The Somali al-Shabab organization poses a threat to Kenya and other Horn of Africa states, and the Boko Haram group in Nigeria has increased its attacks. Al-Qaida in North Africa poses a threat, as well, and ahead of Lag Ba’omer, the advisory named Tunisia as a country that could see additional attacks.

Iran and Hezbollah also continue to pose a threat to Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, particularly Israeli tourist destinations and Jewish community figures.

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau, like last year, advises Israelis to refrain from non-essential travel to Turkey.

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