Dennis Quaid’s Wife Kimberly Files For Divorce A Second Time

Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly are filing for divorce again.

TMZ reported on Tuesday the pair are to separate after 12 years of marriage.

It is the third time they have started divorce proceedings, although they have yet to go through with it.

The 62-year-old actor told the site: ‘After careful consideration, Kimberly and I have decided to end our 12 year marriage.

‘The decision was made amicably and with mutual respect toward one another,’ he added.

‘We will always remain great friends and devoted partners in raising our children.’

Kimberly nee Buffington first filed for divorce in March 2012, claiming in the petition the marriage had ‘become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities’.

She withdrew the papers the following month, but in November of that year Quaid then filed for divorce himself, before they reconciled once again.

The Far From Heaven star confirmed his soon to be ex-wife was the one who filed this time round, but insisted it was a joint decision.

The couple have eight-year-old twins Thomas and Zoe; both children had a miraculous escape at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills shortly after their birth, when they were accidentally given 1,000 times the recommended dosage of the drug Heparin.

According to sources, the couple have already agreed to divide their assets and will share custody of their children, having each applied for sole custody the last time round.

Kimberly is Quaid’s third wife; he was married to actresses PJ Soles from 1978 to 1983, and Meg Ryan from 1991 to 2001.

He and Ryan have a 24-year-old son, Jack, an actor who made his film debut in 2012’s The Hunger Games as Marvel, the District 1 tribute.

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