Drunk Victoria’s Secret Thief Claimed Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein ‘Forced Her Into Sex Acts As A Teen’

A former model who lost her sexual molestation lawsuit against the disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for breaking into a Victoria’s Secret underwear store in New York.

Maximillia Cordero, 33, was arrested Monday for breaking into the Upper East Side store.

She lost a 2007 suit against Epstein, a Jewish investment mogul who was born in Brooklyn, claiming that he had pressured her into sex when she was a teenager.

Epstein, who is Jewish, in 2008 was convicted of soliciting another underage girl for prostitution, for which he served 13 months in prison.

The suit alleged that Epstein told her that he was the money manager for Victoria’s Secret and that Cordero could get in the catalog if she was “nice to him.”

In 2007, the aspiring model filed suit against Epstein, who served 13 months in prison for soliciting an underage prostitute, claiming that he had pressured her into oral sex and other ‘bizarre and unnatural sex acts’ when she was a teen and trying to be a model. She said that Epstein promised to help her model for Victoria’s Secret, in exchange for sex acts.

The suit was dismissed in 2008, because Cordero was found not to be ‘insane’ at the time of the alleged forced sexual relations, reports the Observer.

Cordero didn’t file suit until seven years after the alleged incidents, after the statute of limitations had expired, and two years after Epstein was accused of several instances of soliciting sex from underage girls, said the outlet.

She had claimed he asked her to perform oral sex on him.

Cordero was arrested Monday, allegedly after she broke into an E. 86th St. Victoria’s Secret and stole about $1,000 worth of push-up bras, g-strings and makeup.

A passing patrol car noticed that the revolving door was unsecured and found Cordero, dressed in tattered clothing and a black coat, inside, according to the Daily News.

Cops charged her with grand larceny and burglary. Her arraignment was pending after she was hospitalized for a psychological evaluation, the report said.

On April 19, 2014, Cordero was arrested for burglary after she swiped two bottles of pricey perfume from the Columbus Circle Sephora, an upscale makeup store.

She was sentenced to seven months in prison as a result.

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