Eliot Spitzer and Lis Smith Break Up

It was an affair said to have cost Eliot Spitzer his marriage and his girlfriend her political spin job.

But after two years together it appears that the disgraced former New York governor and partner Lis Smith have gone their separate ways, NY Daily News reports.

Smith had just joined Bill de Blasio’s team and was widely considered to be the likely candidate for the mayor’s press secretary when pictures of emerged of then-married Spitzer sneaking into her Soho apartment in December 2013.

At the time, Spitzer was still with his wife of 25 years, Silda, who had remained with her husband after he was forced to resign from his post as New York governor in 2008 after spending more than $15,000 on prostitutes.

The pair divorced soon after with Silda, who has three grown children with Spitzer, winning a $7.5m divorce deal along with $240,000-a-year for life and the pair’s luxury Fifth Avenue home.

After the affair was made public, Spitzer appeared to have no qualms about hiding his new relationship with a much younger woman.

The disgraced Democrat was spotted with Smith at a Knicks game just weeks after his divorce was finalized, and were pair were seen kidding through the game. Spitzer was also pictured as he was introduced to his new girlfriend’s family in Christmas 2013.

Shortly after the couple took a romantic trip to Jamaica where engaged in an alleged amorous hot tub session.

Witnesses at the hotel claimed they had seen Spitzer sucking his topless girlfriend’s toes in the tub.

Spitzer met Smith, 33, while she was his campaign manager during his failed political ‘comeback’ to become New York City’s new comptroller in 2013.

After the failed bid she went to work for then New York Mayor- elect Bill de Blasio but within a week of her relationship with Spitzer becoming public, she was out.

Smith now works as the deputy campaign manager for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley in his campaign for the 2016 election.

Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden said the break-up was amicable.

‘Given how hectic both their work and travel schedules are, they decided a few weeks ago to take a break in their relationship,’ Linden told NY Daily News.

‘They remain very close and continue to care for each other,’ Linden added.

Spitzer, 56, is a multi-millionaire thanks to his property tycoon father Bernard who owned a string of luxury apartments around Central Park. Last year he passed away leaving a total of $16million to his son.

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