‘F–k America’: Qatari Driver Claims Diplomatic Immunity After Luxury Car Drag Race In Beverly Hills

Police in Beverly Hills were investigating reports of two vehicles driving recklessly and at high rates of speeds through residential streets, in an incident that was caught on video.

On Saturday around 6:45 p.m., officers with the Beverly Hills Police Department received a call regarding vehicles racing in the 700 block of North Walden Drive.

Witnesses described the vehicles as a yellow Ferrari and a white Porsche. Video shot by a photographer in the neighborhood showed the two sports cars speeding down streets and running stop signs. At one point, one of the cars even sideswiped the other.

The incident ended when the Ferrari appeared to overheat and pulled into the driveway of a home on North Walden Drive.

“The car was still smoking when the cops came,” said neighbor Roya Levian.

Several neighbors told KTLA this was not the first time the sports cars had used their streets as a racetrack, and they feared for their safety.

Levian’s 10-year-old son was playing down the street and when the cars raced by him.

“I was scared to go home, like any second an 80 mile per hour zooming car can come and hit all of us,” said Ashton Levian.

Since the officers did not directly observe the violations, they were unable to issue a citation, the release stated.

During their investigation at the scene, officers were approached by a man who claimed the vehicles belonged to him but denied any wrongdoing, according to the release.

The purported vehicle owner also claimed to have diplomatic immunity, police said.

Neighbors said they don’t care who owns the cars, they just want the racing to stop.

“God knows if they could like hit one of us or something,” said neighbor Joe Nouri.

Police have reached out to the U.S. State Department to determine the diplomatic status of the individuals involved and the legality of the vehicles being operated in California, the release stated.

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