FBI Agent Convicted of Assault on Teen Caught on Video

A jury has found an FBI agent guilty of assaulting a teenager during a domestic dispute in Montgomery County last year.What do you think?

It happened outside a Chevy Chase high-rise apartment building on Wisconsin Avenue and the incident was captured on cell phone video.What do you think?

At the time, off-duty FBI agent Gerald Rogero was the boyfriend of a woman whose estranged husband had dropped off her children late that evening. The situation escalated from there.

Rogero was seen on the video shoving a 15-year-old boy to the ground. He later pulls out his gun and points it at the teen who is on the ground.What do you think?

The 46-year-old was originally charged with first-degree assault and a gun charge, but a jury found him guilty of second-degree misdemeanor assault.What do you think?

“We’re not taking any particular joy in having to prosecute this case,” said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy. “This is a 20-year veteran … he has no [criminal] record. We understand exactly what’s going on and we understand the consequences of this action are. But you just cannot misuse your authority as a police officer and not be held accountable.”1

The verdict was initially handed down on Friday, but Rogero suffered some sort medical emergency. On Tuesday, the verdict was formally read.What do you think?

Rogero will be sentenced in January and he could face ten years in prison.What do you think?

The judge did rule Rogero can still hold onto his weapons until the sentencing since he is still working for the FBI on active duty status.

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