FBI Investigating More Than 300 Refugees For Terror Activities

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating more than 300 people who came to the U.S. as refugees for potential terrorism-related activities, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday, as the Trump administration unveiled a revised ban on travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

The new ban is due to take effect on March 16, and will bar people from the six nations for 90 days.

The countries are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Iraqi citizens were taken off the list after Iraq agreed to cooperate more closely with the U.S. in vetting Iraqi nationals.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order for the ban Monday morning.

The White House revoked Trump’s previous executive order, signed in January.

The White House has argued that the bans were aimed at keeping Americans safe from threats to national security. Still, the first order provoked legal challenges and was later put on hold by a U.S. court in San Francisco. The revised ban is also likely to face court challenges.

Critics charge the Trump administration with orchestrating a “Muslim ban,” but the White House says the order does not target members of a specific religion.

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