FBI Investigating Unconfirmed Claims That Trump Was Personally Compromised By The Russians

Unsubstantiated allegations developed at the request of Democratic Party researchers that Donald Trump was compromised and in league with the Russians were presented to both President Obama and President-elect Trump in intelligence briefings last week.

The FBI says it is investigating the allegations, which party operatives had delivered to the FBI and numerous news organizations before and since the election.

The claims include allegations that Trump was personally compromised by the Russians and that Trump aides were involved in organizing the Russian hack of the Democratic Party. None of the allegations has been verified by ABC News, and some of them are provably false.

A Trump lawyer named in the report angrily denied another assertion in the documents given to the FBI — that he supposedly met with the Russians in Prague last August. “I’ve never been in Prague in my life,” said the lawyer, Michael Cohen.

An FBI official said the allegations were too explosive and salacious not to be investigated.

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