FBI Probing Device Sent To LAX From Florida Prison

The FBI is leading the investigation into a suspicious device sent to an office at Los Angeles International Airport allegedly by a prison inmate in Florida, sources told NBC News.

The LAPD and FBI bomb squads were called in to neutralize the crude mechanism, which arrived at LAX’s administrative offices in a white envelope on Monday morning.

The source said it was unlikely to have caused an explosion.

The sources said the package — which was opened by an airport employee — was sent in the name of Adam Baird, an inmate doing life for attempted murder in Florida.

It was unclear if Baird, who was charged with attacking his cellmate while locked up for a carjacking, had actually sent the package himself.

The FBI, the LAPD and airport police “are investigating [the] person or group responsible for sending device and threatening letter,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

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