FBI Renews Search For Fugitive Who Fled Portland Area In 1993

LAKE OSWEGO, OR — In July 1993, Barrett Preston Busschau was arrested by Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies on several charges of sex abuse against minors.

After his initial arrest but before his scheduled trial appearance, Busschau reportedly fled — initiating a 20-year-long FBI search that continues to this day.

On Wednesday, July 19, nearly 24 years to the day that Busschau was first indicted, the FBI asked the community again for any information that could lead to Busschau’s apprehension.

Busschau was living in Lake Oswego at the time of the alleged abuse, police said, noting that Busschau is accused of molesting five girls between the ages of 10 and 15 when he was 18 years old.

Busschau came to Oregon as a legal permanent resident in 1984 after he emigrated from his native South Africa, police said.

Busschau, now 42 years old, is believed to have traveled to California and/or Panama when he absconded from Oregon in 1993, but his last known sighting puts him back in South Africa, police said.

Nevertheless, FBI investigators believe there are still people in the U.S. who have information about Busschau’s whereabouts.

Anyone who may have information about Busschau’s life after he left Oregon is asked to call the FBI at 503-224-4181, or submit a tip online at www.fbi.gov/tips.

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