Feds Issue Multiple Subpoenas In Criminal Probe Of Former Brooklyn DA

The criminal probe of former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes over allegations he used crime-fighting cash to pay a political consultant — is heating up, with authorities subpoenaing multiple witnesses in the past few weeks, sources told The Post.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn interviewed two more people under subpoena last week, in addition to questioning multiple DA staffers and campaign workers in the past month, according to sources.

Almost a dozen investigators from the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office, the state Attorney General’s Office, and both the city and state comptroller’s offices asked the ex-staffers whether Hynes’ neighborhood community relations offices were being used as de facto campaign outposts in the 2013 race, a source said.

“The bottom line is, did anyone who worked on the campaign get paid with city funds or state funds or forfeiture funds? That’s really the issue,” a source familiar with the probe said.

Investigators are also looking at whether the community relations workers were on the DA’s Office payroll or whether they were consultants paid from another source.

“Look, right before an election, maybe the staffers would advocate for the DA,” a source close to Hynes’ old office said. “It wouldn’t surprise me if they said, ‘Make sure you vote for DA Hynes in the next election.’ ”

Probers asked whether the workers organized political events, sought endorsements or handed out fliers on behalf of the Hynes campaign, sources said.

Former Hynes staffers interviewed in the past month include campaign spokesman George Arzt, DA spokesman Jerry Schmetterer and campaign manager Dennis Quirk, who is also head of the court officers union, sources said.

Arzt didn’t respond to an e-mail seeking comment. Quirk and Schmetterer declined to comment.

The Post was the first to report in June 2014 that a Department of Investigation report accused Hynes of wrongly using $1 million in forfeiture funds seized from crooks to pay political p r consultant Morty Matz in his losing 2013 campaign against current DA Ken Thompson.

Hynes denied any wrongdoing through attorney Robert Hill Schwartz.


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