Feds Launch Probe Into Retaliation By B&H Against Workers Seeking To Unionize

New York, NY – Investigators from the National Labor Relations Board have launched a probe following charges that managers from electronics behemoth B&H have initiated a campaign of fear against workers seeking to unionize.

DNAINFO.com reports that according to Rosanna Aran a rep from Laundry Workers Center United, who along with the Steelworkers Union are vying to represent B&H’s 240 workers said conditions have turned “hostile and intimidating” since workers filed a petition to have an election on October 13th.

Aaron said that just two days later B&H managers were physically pushing workers out the door, screaming “Get out, get out.”

B&H workers report that managers have been wearing “Vote No” keychain necklaces while asking workers to view anti-union videos, and in some cases have asked workers to meet individually and sign papers with never-seen-before “consultants.”

B&H spokesman Juda Engelmayer denied the charges, saying, “We are not standing in our employees’ way as they seek to potentially organize.”

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