Following ISIS Terror Attacks Israeli Travelers Cautioned Before Holiday Season

Following the recent series of ISIS linked terror attacks around the world, including the deadly attacks in Paris and in California, Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau published a message to Israeli citizens to be on heightened alert while overseas.

The message was not a travel warning based on specific information on terror activity, but rather a cautionary guideline to the public.

“During November and December there has been a marked increase in the daring nature (in their nature and scope) of terror attacks around the world by international jihad organizations, especially by ISIS.

At the same time, ISIS continues to say that it intends to continue to harm states that are participating in the fight against it in Iraq and Syria,” the bureau said.

“On this background, and despite the absence of concrete information regarding terror attacks, the bureau is asking the public to be in a state of heightened attention during overseas visits,” the statement read.

The bureau emphasized the need for the public to be on alert during the upcoming holiday season and especially in crowded places such as sports stadiums, cultural venues, malls, hotels, airports, and transportation hubs.

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