Fresno Police Release Footage of Fatal Shooting of Unarmed 19-Year-Old

The fatal police shooting of an unarmed 19-year-old California man could be seen in new body camera video released Wednesday.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has said Dylan Noble did not follow orders and reached quickly into his waistband twice when approached by two veteran officers responding to a report of a man carrying a rifle June 25.

Noble’s family has filed a claim against the city. Their attorney, Stuart Chandler, said in a statement to KSEE-TV that the police body camera video and his talks with experts make him “more certain than ever that the shooting death of Dylan Noble was the result of an inexcusable use of excessive force.”

The Fresno Police Department released body camera footage from the two officers Wednesday showing the traffic stop that escalated into a shooting at a Chevron gas station. Dyer told reporters the officers said 30 different commands that Noble didn’t obey after they pulled him over.

“Get your f—–g a– on the ground!” one officer could be heard yelling at Noble in the footage.

The officers shouted at him to show them both his hands. “If you come forward, you’re gonna get shot, man!”

“I f—–g hate my life,” Noble said as he walked toward the two officers with his left hand raised and his right hand behind his back. The officers then shot him twice and he fell down.

The officers could be seen shooting Noble two more times while lying on the ground in a bystander’s video of the incident that surfaced last week.

Noble’s mother said in a filing with the city that they hit him twice before he went to the ground then fired two more shots on him with him bleeding on the ground, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“You will see in the video that Mr. Noble continued moving his hands while on the ground,” Dyer said. He acknowledged the video will “raise questions” about whether the last two shots fired were justified.

“I want members of the community to know that I will be looking at every round fired individually to look at whether it was fired according to law and policy,” Dyer said.

Noble rolled over from his back on the ground as the officers kept asking him to see his hands, according to the newly released footage.

“Get your hands up! We cannot see his hands!” one of the officers said just before a third shot was fired.

“Dude, get your hands up,” the officer said. “Dude, if you reach one more time, you will get shot again.” Noble was hit again moments later.

Dyer has not released the names of the officers, whom are now on administrative leave and have a collective 37 years of police experience.

He has asked the FBI to oversee the department’s internal investigation into the shooting.

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