German Model Gina-Lisa Lohfink Accused of Crying Rape Shouts ‘You Should Cut Dheir D***s off” At Judge

A model who is on trial for falsely accusing two men of rape has told the court they should have their d***s cut off.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink, 29, had to face a judge in Berlin after refusing to pay a 24,000 euro fine when prosecutors determined the rape accusations against Sebastian Pinto and Pardis Fardjad-Azad were false.

The German became upset on Monday when the judge played a sex tape showing her and the two men in a threesome, according to Mail Online.

‘Sex with two men – I say I don’t want that! Horny – OK, we’ll watch more movies,’ she said.

‘It was bad what was done to me, sex with two men. You should cut their d***s off.’

Lohfink, who has appeared on ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, left the court when Pinto got up to give his testimony.

In the sex video, which was filmed in June 2012, she was heard saying ‘no, stop it’.

In a television interview Pinto added: ‘I think the ‘no’ could have referred to her wanting the sex at the time to stop.

‘There were no drugs in the game and there was no rape.’

A number of witnesses had previously testified the threesome was consensual.

Fardjad-Azad and Pinto were given sentences for sharing the sex video online. They used a mobile phone to film the clip.

The men also have several summonses against Lohfink, including slander and defamation.

A verdict in the trial is expected early next week.

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