‘Grave Finder’ Conned Brooklyn Man Out of $20K For Fake Spots: $1M Lawsuit

BROOKLYN  – A self-professed “grave finder” took a hefty check for plots at a Jewish cemetery in Queens but never handed over title, a man claims in court.

David Krinsky’s May 18 complaint says he gave $20,000 to Mendel Notik in December 2013 as a down payment for two plots at the Old Montefiore Cemetery.

Though Krinsky was ready to pay the remaining $60,000 for the plots, Notik never delivered and never gave back that deposit, the complaint in Kings County Supreme Court alleges.

The so-called grave-finding business has earned Notik “many tens of thousands of dollars,” but and Krinsky isn’t the only one the defendant has “scammed,” he says.

“In some cases [Notik doesn’t deliver] because he has ‘sold the same gravesite to more than one individual,” the six-page complaint states.

Notik allegedly “knew that he would be unable to deliver the gravesites to plaintiff, but nevertheless intended to deceive plaintiff in order to procure the deposit.”

Krinsky wants $500,000 in punitive damages for breach of contract.

He is represented by Stuart Blander with Heller, Horowitz & Feit in Manhattan.

Blander did not return a call for comment Tuesday morning.

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  1. moishe
    moishe says:

    It’s first time I hear of someone cheating Krinsky out of cash, usually it’s the other way around.
    Why not go to rabbinical court? b/c the Krinskys (father and son) always loose there. they only win in court.

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