Haredi Therapist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients

erusalem police arrested a man operating an alternative medicine clinic in the capital after several female patients said he sexually assaulted them during treatment.

The 57-year old Jerusalem resident was taken into custody Monday after two haredi women filed complaints with police.

Police say the clinic operator posed as a doctor, despite having no formal medical training.

At his Jerusalem clinic, the suspect offered a variety of alternative or holistic treatments including naturopathy, acupuncture, and carniosacral therapy.

The first complaint was filed last week by a 40-year old Jerusalem woman, who described to investigators a series of sexual offenses the suspect allegedly committed against her.

She claimed the crimes were committed while she was being treated at the clinic last year.

When the woman felt the suspect’s behavior became inappropriate, she turned to a local assistance center, which after hearing the nature of her complaints, directed her to the police.

A second woman, 33 years old, also filed a complaint against the suspect, making similar accusations of sexual abuse.

After police took the suspect into custody, a court extended the arrest to next Sunday.

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