Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Is Furious, Humiliated By Claim He Groped Model Ambra Battilana

Harvey Weinstein’s wife of eight years is furious and humiliated by the allegations that he groped a 22-year-old Italian model, according to a new report.

Fashion designer Georgina Chapman, 38, said she does not want the accusations tied to Ambra Battilana and her husband to further embarrass their children or interrupt her business, a source told the New York Daily News.

‘She’s furious. She thinks it’s embarrassing not only to her but to their kids,’ said the socialite who worked with the couple.

Weinstein, 63, has emphatically denied sexually assaulting Battilana during a March 27 business meeting at his Tribeca office.

The source told the Daily News that Chapman, who has two children with Weinstein, wants to find a resolution to the allegations as soon as possible.

A second source claimed Chapman, founder of fashion line Marchesa, is humiliated by her husband she married in 2007, and is someone who has ‘loved Harry through his charms and flaws,’ according to the Daily News.

The question remains how much Weinstein is willing to pay to make the situation go away, the source told the newspaper.

‘They want her out of the country,’ said the socialite source. ‘The last thing they need is her popping up at parties and premieres.’

But a spokesman for Chapman denied the marriage was in trouble and said they had spent the weekend together.

Max Dundas, a long term representative for Chapman, told MailOnline: ‘This story is absolutely nonsense. I spoke to Georgina yesterday, they have spent the entire weekend together as a family and their relationship is as strong as ever.’

In the meantime, Weinstein is waiting to see if the Manhattan district attorney will decide to seek charges before making his next move, according to the source.

A spokesman for Weinstein also told the Daily News that the idea the allegations were causing a strain on the couple’s relationship was ‘patently untrue’ and that ‘whomever is saying it, is lying’.

On Saturday the couple were pictured at their Connecticut home.

Weinsten was spotted outside the home. Chapman was seen rolling up to the compound in a silver Mercedes-Benz before she went inside.

While he has denied the incident occurred, the source dismissed claims that the model had planned the encounter in an effort to land a movie role.

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