Hebrew University Lecturer: Ayelet Shaked Is ‘Neo-Nazi Scum’

Two lecturers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, known for their extreme left wing views, have come out against Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Facebook accusing her of having a part in genocide with one calling her “neo-Nazi scum,” “filth” and accusing her of having a part in genocide.

Professor Amiram Goldblum was first to write on Shaked on his Facebook page.

“On clarity: Ayelet Shaked demands clarity. I demand clarity by Ayelet Shaked. So here’s the clarification that you will not get from her:

The following photo is a clarity figure of that minister of justice’s own financial resources, at least some of them.

Shaked’s election campaign was based among others on money collected in exchange for arms sold to killers in Sierra Leone and in South America by Shaked’s financial supporter who is now in jail in Belgium after being detained by Interpol for 8 months in Montenegro since March 2015,” Goldblum wrote.

An orthodox Jew, Serge Muller is a despicable supplier of arms to some of the worst killers in this world. But Ayelet Shaked needed the money. She demands clarity, so we clarify who she is,” Goldblum added.

Included in the post is a picture of Shaked whose body is comprised of a picture of a skeleton with two guns and a picture of numerous dead bodies while her hands drip with drops of blood.

His colleague, Dr. Ofer Cassif, shared the post to his Facebook page adding a post calling Shaked “neo-Nazi scum.”

“In Israel my shame screams out for Shaked.

This neo-Nazi scum is not only a partner responsible for the fascism of Israel but also an indirect partner to African genocide and crimes against humanity. There are no words in the dictionary which may be used to define this filth,” he wrote.

Shaked, who is expected to file an official complaint against the two lecturers with the police, issued a brief statement on Monday in response.

“Today the fine line between freedom of expression and freedom of incitement was blatantly crossed and polluted the public discourse.

I’m sure that law enforcement authorities will handle the case in the proper manner,” she said.

The Hebrew University released a statement on Monday evening.

“The university is not responsible for the statements made by its lecturers and it is not its job to discipline them so long as it does not involve the exploitation of the academic platform for dissemination.”

“As long as someone believes there is incitement in this or that statement or a violation of state law they should turn to law enforcement agencies,” the university stated.


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