Holly Willoughby Latest Star Rocked By Naked Photos Scandal

HOLLY Willoughby is being taunted by hackers, who claim they will publish X-rated photos of her.

The TV host is among dozens of celebs on an online list of victims allegedly due to be humiliated.

Actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried have had pics posted online in recent days.

Amanda’s were X-rated but Emma’s aides insist hers were modelling shots and not nude.

Also on the list are reality stars Millie Mackintosh and Kylie Jenner, actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Lacey Banghard.

Internet trolls are thought to have guessed passwords of stars’ social media and messaging services. They trade pictures online to attract hits and notoriety.

A source close to Holly, 36, said no such pictures existed of the married mum-of-three.

The source added: “Holly is unconcerned as these are baseless accusations as far as she is concerned.”

But some pictures of other stars have already been posted by someone calling themselves “Anonymous”, attracting thousands of views.

Hackers use invite-only forums to share files. A source said: “They trade explicit pictures like children trade Pokemon cards.

“Sometimes some leak pictures on the mainstream internet for a sick buzz.

“Celebrities can get pictures and videos taken down, but other users just save the files to put elsewhere.

“It’s almost impossible to stop. And the longer it goes on for, the more kicks these weirdos get from it.”

Last week actress Mischa Barton revealed she was too was the victim of a “revenge porn” attack after an ex-boyfriend tried to release a sex tape online.

The new leaks comes three years after dozens of A-list celebs had their iCloud accounts hacked – resulting in private pics being published on the net.

Rihanna, Kelly Brook, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were among the celebs embarrassed by by the previous leak, which was dubbed “The Fappening”.

Hacker Edward Majerczyk, 29, of Chicago, was jailed for nine months in January for stealing and posting the pictures.

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