Why Are Hezbollah Militias Involved In Peru’s Violence?

A Peruvian citizen’s death during a union protest in La Pampa district is raising questions regarding Hezbollah-linked militia presence in the Latin American country.

As protesters were confronting security officers a few weeks ago, one of the demonstrators was reportedly shot in the head by sniper fire.

Local media in Peru then accused one militia group linked directly with Hezbollah cooperating with the Sandero Luminoso Party, a communist group with an extremist history.

These accusations were based on evidence that a Hezbollah-backed charity La Pampa district is supported financially and ideologically by Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

Hezbollah operates in Peru in cooperation with political groups such as the Sandero Luminoso – also known as the Shining Path Party.

The party and its affiliates follow the Peruvian communist party and the military and political Maoist communists in Peru.

Earlier in July, Iran-proxy Hezbollah registered its own party in Peru under the name “Peruvian Hezbollah branch” and pledged allegiance to the banned group and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In March, The Arab League designated Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group “a terrorist organization”. The United States also brands the group as such.

Latina’s television program Punto Final aired footage shot by the militias led by their leader Sheikh Ali Abdurrah Man Pohl holding a picture of Khamenei.

Sheikh Pohl is a native of Argentina and is reported to have lived and trained in Iran for years.

Breitbart News reported that Iran and Hezbollah have been actively spreading Shiite ideology in Latin America and helped many convert to Shiite Islam using so-called “cultural centers”.

The right-wing US media outlet said that these centers were being run by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) the Hezbollah.

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