Husband To Rabbinical Court: My Wife Prefers Our Dogs

A Man in northern Israel has filed for divorce from his wife citing her love of their dogs and puppies and her alleged preference for them over him, to the point where the dogs share the couple’s bed and thus interfere with their sex life.

The religious couple, in their 40s and parents to five children, are soon set to appear before the Rabbinical Council in Haifa to argue their respective sides, according to a report on Channel 2 Wednesday.

The trouble started over a year ago, according to the divorce documents filed by the husband, when the wife, a teacher at an elementary school, started adopting abandoned canines and pups, feeding them and caring for them and eventually letting them take over the couple’s bed for the night.

The husband, a yeshiva student, also aired other marital grievances, such as alleged verbal and physical abuse on the part of his wife and claims she refuses to do his laundry or keep the house neat.

“I was amazed to learn that my wife fell in love with the dogs, a real deep, profound love,” the unnamed husband alleges in his divorce file submitted to the court.

“She prefers them to me, and refuses to have sex with me, arguing that she is tired from her care for the dogs and just doesn’t have the energy for me.”

“She lets the dogs and the puppies into our bed and prefers to sleep with them,” he wrote, further arguing that this is a ploy to avoid having sex with him. “I can’t stay with her.

I restrained myself for months, I suffered quietly but I can’t anymore.”

The husband demanded that his wife be ordered to banish the dogs from the family home but also insisted that he doesn’t want to stay married to her.

“Because of these dogs, my wife doesn’t talk to me, doesn’t love me and lets them into the bed. The situation is intolerable…

I want to divorce her; this is the best thing for me,” he argued.

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