IDF Denies Syria Downed Israeli Planes

The Syrian military said it shot down two Israeli military aircraft, including a drone, Tuesday morning, alleging they attacked a government-held position in the country’s south.

“Our air defenses blocked the attack and shot down the military aircraft in (the southern province of) Quneitra and a drone” in the Golan area said the statement carried by state news agency SANA.

Shortly thereafter, however, an IDF spokesperson denied the claims, saying that no manned Israeli aircraft or drones had been downed.

The IDF said that missiles had been fired at the Israeli planes, but had caused no damage.

“Two surface-to-air missiles were fired from Syria overnight after an IDF strike in response to weapons fire [from Syria] last night,” the IDF spokesperson said.

“Israeli aircraft were not close to the source of the fire, and the missiles never threatened their targets [the Israeli] aircraft.”

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