In Numbers: 22 Dead, 252 Injured In 3 Months of Terror

Arab terrorists launched no fewer than 169 terror attacks against Israelis in 120 days – killing 22 people and injuring 252.

Of those, 21 were injured seriously, 7 suffered from ‘serious to moderate’ injuries, 36 were injured moderately, and 177 suffered from light injuries, Magen David Adom (MDA) stated late Monday.

MDA also treated 95 people for anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

The 169 attacks included 74 rock-throwing attacks, 68 stabbings, 19 car attacks, and 8 shootings.

MDA has called on the general public to donate blood in light of the high demand.

“MDA has been on high alert in the last three months, due to the wave of terrorist attacks across the country,” MDA Director Eli Bin stated to Channel 2. “We are ready and prepared for any scenario or incident.”

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