Inbal Or Being Questioned By Police Fraud Squad

Real estate developer Inbal Or is currently being questioned under caution by the anti-fraud unit of the Tel Aviv police, as part of a criminal investigation into allegations of tax violations and fraud.

For the past week Or has been at the center of a media storm surrounding her case, which involves allegations of tax evasion and that her company Or City Real Estate sold the same apartments to multiple buyers.

Or has denied the allegations against her.

Or has already been questioned under caution on several occasions by the Israel Tax Authority which for the past several months has investigated the allegations against her company. In March she was arrested by the Tax Authority and released to house arrest, though her name remained under gag order until last week.

Police opened the criminal investigation against Or on Monday and have already questioned a number of associates in the case. These reportedly include a senior official who is said to have told police under caution that it was Or alone who committed the violations.

They are also continuing to collect documents and other evidence relating to the allegations, as well as contacting potential witnesses in the case.

An attorney for the head of sales for Or’s company said his client was questioned under caution on Monday, and has denied any claims of wrongdoing.

Attorney Ofer Almog said police asked his client about a specific house that was “double sold” but did not ask him anything about a wider conspiracy or method of fraud, and that he was released without conditions.

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