Iranian Commander Makes Mysterious Visit To Israel-Syria Border

An Iranian general recently visited the southwest Syria city of Quneitra, located near the Israel-Syria border, Iranian news agency Fars has reported.

While the reason behind Basij Paramilitary Force Commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi’s visit has yet to be revealed, Arab news outlets have reported that it constitutes the first time Iran has officially recognized one of its chief officials nearing the Israeli-Syrian border.

On a related note, the Syrian Army issued a statement on Sunday that two Israeli, unmanned aerial vehicles shot two missiles toward a residential building in Quneitra, causing property damage but no injuries.

The Syrian Army’s statement said that the attack “is part of Israel’s direct and public assistance to armed groups (in Syria), in a desperate attempt to raise the groups’ low morale due to the heavy losses that we have caused them.” It continued by saying, “Such aggressiveness will not deter us from continuing our fight against the Zionist enemy.”

The IDF, for its part, ordered the attack after a mortar fell inside the Golan Heights territory near Israel’s border with Syria. No one was injured and there was no property damage as a result.

The mortar fire is considered to have been the result of Syrian rebel forces’ ongoing civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime.

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