Israel – 4-Year-Old Boy Found In Cardboard Box In Elad

Police found a 4-year-old toddler wandering alone and suffering from severe neglect in the city of Elad in central Israel on Wednesday. According to suspicions, the boy had roamed the streets for the past several days and slept in a cardboard box. The police said it was “shocking to see the toddler’s condition.”

Earlier Wednesday, the Rosh Ha’ayin police station received a report of a toddler wandering alone in Elad. The officers began searching the city, but initially failed to spot the boy. As the police continued the searches, they spotted a cardboard box near a commercial center in the city. Suddenly they saw the box move, and were shocked to discover the toddler hiding inside.

The boy was taken to a police station and was found to be severely neglected, malnourished, dirty and with a diaper that had not been changed in several days. The officers attempted to communicate with the child but were unsuccessful, as he was unable to speak fluently, despite his age. After a few hours, the officers were able to understand the names of his family members and located his father, who was questioned on suspicion of child neglect.

Police sources said on Thursday: “The boy suffered severe neglect, and although we have seen almost everything, it was difficult to see his condition. We were shocked when we saw him and realized that he had apparently been wandering in the streets alone and sleeping in a cardboard box for the past several days.”

The police contacted social services in the city, who checked whether the toddler had siblings at home and what was their condition. The father is currently in questioning and a decision on launching further proceedings will be made after the conclusion of the process.

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