Israel – Four Police Officers Suspected of Sexual Assault

A commander of a Jerusalem District police station, his deputy, and two other police officers were questioned following suspicion that they sexually assaulted a female janitor.

The Ministry of Justice’s Police Internal Investigation Department (PID), which conducted the investigation did not find evidence to prosecute the officers after the officers claimed the sexual relations with the cleaning worker were consensual.

The alleged offenses, originally reported by Channel 1, took place a few months ago at the the Jerusalem police station.

Along with the sexual assault allegation one of the officers allegedly imprisoned the cleaning worker in a room at the station.

The PID has recommended disciplinary hearing against the officers. The station commander, with the rank of Chief Superintendent and another police officer were placed on leave until the disciplinary proceedings are concluded. The other two officers have not been placed on leave.

“After examining the evidence and the overall circumstances of the case, no evidence was found of a criminal offense but it is apparent that there was misconduct and therefore PID recommended that the two police commanders and the police officers be brought in for a disciplinary trial.” the PID said in a statement.

Attorney Yehuda Shoshan who represents the deputy commander of the station said that his client is innocent. “My client was returned to active duty and that speaks for itself,” he told press on Sunday.

A number of high-ranking police officers have been accused of sexual harassment and assault. In the most high profile case Nissim Mor, once the second in command of the entire police force plead guilty in July 2016 to sexually harassing a number lower ranking officers.

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