Israel Police: Moshe Iram Arrested For Incitement Against IDF Manpower Head

Police arrested 40-year-old Moshe Iram, from Jerusalem, on suspicion of incitement to violence against the head of the IDF’s Manpower Directorate, Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz, after the suspect distributed inciting flyers near Almoz’s home.

Police had been conducting an investigation into slander and incitement against Almoz after the flyers, which come out against IDF recruitment of the ultra-Orthodox, began appearing.

The issue of IDF recruitment has led to recent riots and other disturbances by ultra-Orthodox protestors. Last month, members of the extremist Lithuanian Jerusalem Faction arrived at Almoz’s home and distributed flyers to pedestrians that read, “Your end will be as bitter as Hitler’s and his friends.”

Iram has denied all charges against him and his attorney echoed the sentiment, saying, “The suspect vehemently denies any attack and anything else written on the arrest warrant.

The incident occurred several weeks ago and all of a sudden, the Israel Police arrest him.”

The Tiberias Magistrate Court decided to extend Iram’s remand until Wednesday, prompting Iram’s attorney to add that the decision will be appealed.

Other flyers from the same protest read, “God will avenge the sons and daughters of Israel whose souls were burned in the army of destruction by the soul dealer that is the head of the IDF Manpower Directorate… Moti Almoz, who sold his soul for money, how long will the souls of the sons and daughters of Israel be burned as they were in the furnaces of Auschwitz? Know that you are judged and will be judged.

Your end will be bitter like that of Hitler and his friends.”

In an interview with Ynet, Almoz said, “The feeling is that they think it will be easier to show up at my home and threaten me or say inappropriate things, and maybe that would make a difference. Instead, they can take a few minutes and go to the IDF recruitment center and sign a deferment.

I look sadly at what is happening to our (religious) soldiers, it’s worse there…. the fact Haredi IDF soldiers can’t get home in peace because someone is threatening them or harassing them is a grave fact and we need to deal with it.”

Police emphasize that the great and immediate danger posed by incitement to violence against public servants and IDF soldiers is extremely serious, and undermines democratic processes.

“The Israel Police will continue to act with a firm hand against those who choose to spread incitement,” it said in a statement.

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