Israel Police: Haifa Man Arrested In Connection To Serial Homicides, Sexual Assaults

Israel Police are investigating a man suspected of possible involvement in a series of murders in Israel in recent years, it was cleared for publication on Tuesday.

The man is a 26-year-old resident of Haifa named Fyodor Beizhneri, who was arrested over a month ago.

A spokesman for the Coastal District said police are checking if Beizhneri is linked to a number of murders in recent years that took place across Israel, but would give no further details about the murders in question or whether or not he has implicated himself in the crimes.

Court-appointed Attorney Lior Ronen said that his client “is a new immigrant with no criminal record, and he denies all of the allegations against him.”

Ronen said that his client has accused police of violating his basic rights by keeping him in custody for more than 40 days, and that “investigators have yet to present him with any significant evidence that links him to the crimes in question, thus denying him the ability to defend his innocence.”

Beizhneri is also suspected of a series of sex crimes, and on Tuesday, police called on the public to contact the Coastal District if they have any information about him.

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