Israeli Airstrike Hits Hezbollah Arms Convoy In Lebanon

A convoy of Hezbollah terrorists and weapons was hit in an apparent Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, according to Arab media reports.

The convoy was reportedly traveling through the village of Anjar, close to Lebanon’s border with Syria, when it was hit.

Anjar is located in the Bekaa Valley region, a Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon.

Israel’s Channel Two cited Syrian opposition websites as reporting that “the Israeli air force carried out a number of strikes against Hezbollah positions close to the Syria-Lebanon border.

According to reports from the field the air strike was carried out as a Hezbollah convoy departed from the area, apparently (further) into Lebanon.”

There have not yet been any reports of casualties, or any confirmation from either Israeli or Lebanese officials.

Israeli airstrikes have targeted Hezbollah positions in Syria over the past several years, as part of efforts to avoid the Shia terrorist group obtaining advanced weaponry from Iran in exchange for its support of the Assad regime.

After long maintaining a policy of ambiguity in relation to the airstrikes, in April Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu acknowledged for the first time that Israel was carrying out military strikes in Syria in order to prevent such weapons falling into the hands of Hezbollah, which is sworn to the Jewish state’s destruction.

However Israeli strikes in Lebanon – Hezbollah’s heartland – have been far rarer over the past several years, and have only come in direct response to attacks by Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

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