Israeli Arrested After Thai Army Finds Weapons During Raids

The Thailand army raided local, Israeli-owned businesses on Saturday in the city of Koh Samui, arresting Nati Hadad, the manager of Koh Samui Search and Rescue medical center known to many Israelis, on suspicion of weapons possession.

Israeli Consulate to Thailand Orit Shani has already contacted local police and is looking into the matter.

Hadad’s clinic and the Chabad House in Koh Samui were among the businesses raided. According to reports, Thai police were looking for weapons and ammunition.

They reportedly found weapons at Hadad’s clinic, which was what led to his arrest.

Hadad’s clinic, which catered to the needs of many of the Israelis visiting Thailand, was due to reopen in a month, and a nightclub of his called Rosa Bar was supposed to celebrate its official reopening the on the night of his arrest.

A week prior to his arrest, Hadad posted that “the clinic was closed because of a few jealous people who reported that I was helping Israelis without a permit at my store.

It should be noted that the place was registered as a store and not a clinic and that because of those jealous people, I was exposed to a fine, which was why I decided to close those places and not take a risk.

The clinic will open soon in a 24-hour capacity.”

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