Israeli Cop Charged With Sexual Assault Against Minors

The Police Investigations Department (PID) filed an indictment on Thursday against a 37-year-old police officer, Boaz Mishori, from the West Bank settlement of Ariel, on suspicion of indecent assault of four minors ages six and eight, while he worked as a non-commissioned police officer and summer camp counselor.

Mishori is also charged with obstruction of justice, breach of trust, and seeking to harm a witness for allegedly seeking retribution against an officer who was involved in a prior molestation investigation against Mishori in 2015.

According to the indictment the officer took advantage of his role as police officer and counselor at an Israel Police summer camp.

“As part of his duties as a non-commissioned officer in the Israel Police, the defendant was in frequent contact with the residents of the area, including lecturing children in schools and kindergartens on various issues, including road safety and activities of the Israel Police,” the indictment stated, “In addition, the defendant served as a counselor at a summer camp held by the Israel Police.”

Mishori also allegedly took advantage of his close relationships with Ariel residents to assault their children.

The defendant was also investigated by the PID in 2015 for sexual offenses against minors. In that case Mishori is accused of seeking to harm an officer involved in the investigation.

Mishori complained to the Israel Tax Authority about tax offenses allegedly committed by a business owned by the wife of the police officer he sought to harm, the indictment said.

When Mishori was arrested last month the Israel Police said that this was a “serious and exceptional case,” and that the police “forcefully reject any criminal behavior.”

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