Israeli Flag Ripped From Israeli Restaurant In Kiev

A young man in the Ukraine was recorded on CCTV camera removing an Israeli flag waving atop an Israeli restaurant which recently opened in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

The main culprit approached the restaurant, climbed up its walls, tore down the flag draped over the entrance and threw it to the ground.

Not content with removing the flag, the offender was then joined by a group of collaborators who can be seen aggressively ripping it from a security guard who recovered it from the ground.

The group then ran off with the flag, proudly parading the fruits of their vandalism through the streets.

The incident occurred in broad daylight last week just two days after the “Jerusalem” restaurant was opened on a main road in Kiev.

Seemingly undeterred by, or unaware of, the security cameras, the vandals appear to be entirely unphased by the cars and pedestrians passing by.

“These are youngsters who have been swept up by the anti-Israel atmosphere,” said the restaurant owner, Sagi Cohen.

“The worst thing about this, in my eyes, is that this group of youngsters are not necessarily affiliated with any organizations which operates against Israel.

They simply passed the street and the Israeli flag aroused their attention and they decided to simply take it and damage it,” Cohen lamented.

“This is an act which unfortunately is representative of the general atmosphere but we are here and we will continue to be here,” he added defiantly. “We will not surrender to acts of anti-Semitism.”

Cohen also suggested that the incident may have come as a result of a speech recently delivered by President Reuven Rivlin to the Ukrainian Parliament.

“Perhaps it is connected with the visit of President Reuven Rivlin who delivered a speech in parliament and mentioned the Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War.

In general, as Jews we are not afraid of threats despite incidents which occur from time to time,” Cohen concluded.

The local police arrested two men just half an hour after the offense was captured on camera.

It is yet to have been reported however, whether their arrests were extended and whether or not they were indicted.

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