Israeli Man Carrying 300 Kilos of Cocaine Detained In Sao Paolo

Brazilian police detained an Israeli man in possession of 300 kilograms of cocaine as part of a wave of arrests of gang members suspected of drug dealing.

The 23-year-old Israeli was detained in Sao Paolo, according to local media reports.

Brazilian police said they laid their hands on half a ton of cocaine in total, and that the Israeli was one of a number of suspects worldwide.

Israel Police said that they had been updated with regards to the arrest in Brazil.

“The issue is currently being handled by authorities in Brazil and is being examined under the cooperation framework between the police and law-enforcement authorities in the country and abroad,” Israel Police said.

The police have yet to determine the drugs’ ultimate destination and whether the incident involved a group of Israeli who attempted to take part – through a large investment – in the cocaine delivery.

Police estimate that the 300-kilogram delivery wasn’t meant to reach Israel.

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