Israeli Tourist, 21, Found Dead on Bus In Peru

A young Israeli woman died Thursday in Peru after traveling in the country’s western Huaraz region, the Foreign Ministry announced.

The tourist was named on Friday as 21-year-old Shira Roth from the Jerusalem area.

During the tour Roth starting feeling ill and eventually got on a bus to the capital Lima. A few hours later she was found on the bus without signs of life.

The Foreign Ministry said it was working with the embassy in Peru and local authorities to obtain information on the cause of death and to repatriate the body to Israel.

Tragedy has struck a number of Israelis traveling in the Latin American nation over the past year.

On March 14, it was announced that Kfar Saba native Orel Guetta had died in a zip line accident in the city of Cusco located in the Andes Mountains. He was traveling in Peru after his recent release from the IDF.

Like many young Israelis who finish army service, Guetta celebrated his entry into civilian life by going on a months-long trip to South America.

Also, last April, 24-year-old Israeli Max Sela from Shoham died in a similar accident in the South American country.

Sela, a former commander in the IDF’s Engineering Corps, died when he fell from a zip line ramp in the popular tourist destination, Machu Picchu.

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