Israeli Woman Gang Raped In India

An Israeli woman was the victim of a gang rape in India while travelling through northern state of Himachal Pradesh on Monday.

According to a report in the Times of India, the 25 year old woman was trying to get to the Spiti Valley.

She was trying to find a taxi when a car with no license plates picked her up. There were six men in the car and two of them raped her before dropping her off in the town of Manali.

A high ranking Indian police officer dealing with the issue reported that the police have arrested two suspects so far.

The officer said “we are conducting a manhunt to search for the men who were in the car. We are on the right path. The Israeli woman is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital and her condition is improving.”

He added that the Israeli woman is undergoing treatments and tests, and experts are looking at the results.

The woman didn’t turn to the Israeli embassy for help. However, the Israeli Consulate General spoke to the heads of the police station in Manali, and they told him that the incident is still under investigation.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    A 25-year-old Israeli woman has allegedly been raped by two men in the popular northern Indian Himalayan resort town of Manali, senior local police officers said on Monday.

    The woman told police she was attacked early on Sunday after flagging down what she thought was a taxi and asking for a lift to a nearby town, superintendent Padam Chand said.

    “There were six people in the car and two of the occupants raped her, she alleged,” Chand said. He said the group then fled.

    The woman had been trying to reunite with friends who had already left for the nearby town of Keylong after they all arrived in Manali a few days earlier.

    Police were examining CCTV footage from cameras installed on the streets on Manali, popular with holidaying foreigners and Indians, in the hope of identifying the suspects. The Israeli embassy has been informed, Chand said.

    The woman was being treated in hospital after she reported the attack, which took place at about 3am.

    “She is being moved today to a bigger hospital in Mandi town to carry out a proper medical examination,” Gandhi Ram, another police officer in Manali, said.

    India increased punishments for rapists as part of an overhaul of sexual assault laws following a fatal gang-rape in 2012 that shone a global spotlight on the levels of violence against women in India.

    However, rape and sexual assault remain commonplace, with incidents hitting the headlines almost every day.

    An American woman was raped in Manali in 2013 by three men when she took a ride with them in a truck. In 2012 an Australian woman was also raped in the same area, located in the picturesque Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh state.

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