Jerusalem – Justin Bieber Concert Sends Orthodox Woman Into Labor

justin Bieber’s first song of his Tel Aviv concert was enough to send one 23-year old concert goer into labor. But to be fair, the ultra-Orthodox woman was three weeks overdue.

Despite her pleas to medics to let her stay after her waters broke, Reut Ziskind from Bnei Brak was rushed to the Me’ayanei Hayeshua Medical Center on Wednesday night where she delivered a healthy baby girl.

“When I bought the tickets I was sure I would give birth before or after the performance,” she told Ynet news. “I never dreamed I’d actually give birth during his performance.”

She told Channel 2 that she had some discomfort on the morning of the concert, but didn’t want to miss out because of that. But as soon as Bieber came onstage and began his first song her waters broke.

“I was not having contractions, so I didn’t think I should have to miss out,” she said. She even argued with the ambulance crew to allow her to stay until the end of the concert, but to no avail.

Some 50,000 fans, mostly teenage girls and young women, packed the venue in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park for Bieber’s second concert in Israel. (His first was in 2011.)

“I’m a modern ultra-Orthodox woman,” she told Ynet. “You would be surprised, there are a lot of ultra-Orthodox women who love Justin Bieber.”

The first time mother said that at first she was very upset that she missed the show, “but now I am happy because I have an amazing daughter.”

And did she name her baby after her idol?

“If I would have had a boy I would have called him Justin,” she said. “But I had a daughter and we named her Hadar.”

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